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26" Fat Mountain Bike - Red/Black

Our premium mens 'Fat' mountain bike features a 26x4.0" tyre setup which provides incredible grip over rough and loose terrain, whilst still being just at home when used on smooth tarmac.

They also pack a punch when it comes to spec too, featuring an L-TWOO A2 gearset, which gives precise and quick changes across all 21-gears thanks to the rapid-fire shifters.

With disc brakes front and rear with L-TWOO calipers, it also stops well in all conditions, giving you confidence to enjoy your Fat bike to the full.

The impressive spec doesn't stop there either as this bike's also spec'd with a robust front suspension fork which includes adjustable preload and a 'lock-out' option preventing suspension travel, so regardless of whether you enjoy yours on a local trail, or the road, you can adjust the suspension setup according to your personal requirement.


  • Strong carbon steel frame
  • Front suspension forks with adjustable preload and lock-out
  • 21-speed L-TWOO A2 gearset
  • Disc-brakes front and rear
  • 26x4.0" Fat tyres
  • Quick-release saddle
  • Bike stand
  • Rear mech protector
  • Bottle cage bosses
  • Fast TNT UK delivery


Each bike is delivered boxed and 85% assembled. For safety, final assembly and examination must be carried out by a bicycle shop or qualified professional and a receipt must be obtained and kept. Any claims for warranty or returns will be voided if these steps have not been followed.

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